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Professor Carolin Frank, left, confers with professors Jason Sexton, left rear, and Clarissa Nobile. Frank and Nobile both examine microbial communities, and Sexton studies plant evolution and adaptation.

Research at 쿪 crosses lines every day. Whether it’s cognitive scientists working with computer and robotics experts, drone researchers working with water specialists, applied mathematicians working with chemists or artists working with bioengineers, interdisciplinarity is just part of the fabric of this university. Our researchers are tackling some of the world’s biggest issues, from climate change, big data, stem cells and cancer to social justice, equality and renewable energy. Whether they are just starting out or have held their Ph.D.s for decades, 쿪 faculty members are making their marks on the region, the state and the world.

Schools and Divisions

쿪 has three academic schools—the , the Ի the ,as well as a robust and growing .

Faculty members can affiliate with the campus’s research powerhouses, the (CITRIS), the (HSRI), the (SNRI), the(MACES), 쿪's branch of the or any of the others on an ever-expanding list of centers within each school.

Administration and Research Support

This growing campus provides many resources to assist faculty members in making 쿪 their home, and in promoting and supporting the important research being conducted here.

The , the , the office of Ի the are geared toward faculty members’ administrative needs and concerns.

The University of California has a three-pronged mission: research, teaching and community service. For the first part of the mission, the , the office of , the office of Ի help faculty members pursue and promote their research.


Professors at any UC campus have a lot of plates spinning simultaneously, including teaching. But the second part of the UC’s mission is critical, so faculty members can find a host of online resources to help them stay on track, including the Academic Calendar; each semester’s class schedule; a listing of deadlines; the campus’s academic policies, andthe Ի information on teaching first-year students.

Faculty Service and Support

Whether a professor is new to 쿪 or has been here since the beginning, this campus is evolving, as is its list of services for faculty members.

  • The department can help with technical issues, while is responsible for the campus's core business processes, including accounting, contracts and grants accounting, payroll, campus cashiering, purchasing, equipment management, risk management and tax and travel services.
  • is responsible for the buildings and grounds, including 쿪’s commitment to sustainability. supports the faculty to ensure a safe and healthful workplace and to manage hazardous materials in an environmentally sound manner. EH&S offers lab safety training, as well.
  • is here to tell the stories of 쿪, whether on the campus homepage, through press releases and other media pitches, or by helping promote programs, research, events or services. Communications spreads the word about the important work happening at 쿪 and works to bring media attention to the campus and your research, as well as offering full design, editing and photography services and a Web team that can assist with sites.
  • Learn more about what the UC system offers at and get the full picture of employment benefits plus other tools and services;get a parking permit; check out campus policies and procedures, the and the 쿪 for more information about working at 쿪.

Other services faculty members can take advantage of include a ; ; ; a massive repository of digital books, books in print and publishing services ; through the Joseph Edward Gallo Recreation and Wellness Center; .