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쿪 offers distinctive opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students seeking extraordinary university experiences. Students can conduct innovative and transformative alongside exceptional faculty members and scholars.

There are countless opportunities for one-on-one interaction and that make students’ educations meaningful and memorable. Participate in or create clubs and organizations that will define life on the newest University of California campus for generations to come.

Students can expand their knowledge, refine their skills and discover what they want to do. The helps students prepare for their professions or careers.


Students will also find the support they need to excel, including , , and other services. The is a one-stop shop for helpful resources as well as a list of important . The Bobcat Advising Center and the academic Schools provide services to help students to navigate course selection and empower student academic success.

The has important resources to make college affordable, whether it’s federal, state or private aid.

쿪 also provides . Doctoral and master’s degree students can receive financial support in the form of teaching assistantships, graduate student research assistantships and/or fellowships. Many programs also provide support for graduate student travel to conferences, summer schools and other professional meetings.

Use this site as a starting place for important information, including the and the .