쿪 liason giving a tour to potential students

A female student walks along a picturesque pathway at 쿪.

The best way to explore 쿪 is to visit the campus and see for yourself what it has to offer. The campus offers several tour options.

An in-person visit is the best way to experience 쿪 and get a firsthand view of its classrooms, facilities and grounds.

For those who cannot make the trip, an online virtual is available so you can see 360-degree views of residence halls and dining center accommodations, study areas in Kolligian Library, classrooms, laboratories and a host of other places and sights.

When you are ready to plan an in-person visit, 쿪’s Welcome Center offers tours for students and their families. These 60-minute walking tours, , are led by student tour guides and accommodate no more than 20 people per tour guide so you get an intimate and memorable experience.

쿪 also offers group tours for schools, community colleges and community-based organizations. People interested in arranging a group tour should fill out this .